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Today’s workforce is ever-changing, with people switching jobs and even careers more frequently than before. The situation has forced business owners to consider, with increasing urgency, some key questions:

  • What’s the least you need to know about a prospective employee?
  • How well do you know your current employees?
  • Are you confident that your company is in the right hands?
  • Whose hands are in your cash register?

While small business owners and large corporations appreciate the value of good employees, it can be difficult to predict the impact of employees who cannot be trusted. What’s more, small business owners are often unable to absorb the risks and liability that may come from bad hiring decisions.

A simple background check can help you make intelligent, informed decisions when it comes to the hiring process. You’ll give yourself the assurance that your employees can really be trusted.

What is a background check?

A background check is a common term used to describe anyone or a combination of reports on an individual for employment purposes. A background check may include:

  • Credit history
  • Past employment
  • Professional licenses
  • Criminal records
  • Education verification
  • Driving records
  • Workers’ Comp history
  • Medical history
  • References

Why hire a firm to conduct your background checks?

As an employer, you deserve assurances that the information is complete and accurate. An incomplete search can be devastating to both you and an employee or applicant. A reputable firm with the right experience can make all the difference.
At GDY Inc., we’ll tailor a background check to meet the needs of your business. Our investigators are fully licensed and follow applicable laws. Investigations are thorough and include written reports. We are directly linked with public information data banks and to the Department of Motor Vehicles records in order to provide you with detailed, reliable information in a timely manner. We offer an unprecedented level of investigative experience and recognize the importance of being responsive to your needs.

Before you make that hiring decision, give yourself the opportunity to make an informed one.

Background investigations:
A comprehensive look into the past of a prospective employee. This can include various checks and extensive personal interviews of past employers, references and neighbors. Typically a background investigation is used for executives and board members.

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA):
The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act sets the national standard for employers who want to find out more about a potential or current employee. The FCRA covers much more than credit reports and is enforced under the Federal Trade Commission. Gallivan, Donovan & Yarnall Inc. can assist you in remaining FCRA compliant.

Bonded & Licensed.

716 Security & Investigation is properly licensed by the New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services and bonded as required by applicable law. Copies of Licensing, Bond and Liability insurance information available upon request.

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